about me

Grown up as son of an art and theater painter and a elementary school teacher, Josef Hauzenberger and Renate Margerithe Hauzenberger (geb. Rammensee)
in the sixties and seventies in Munich, Germany.

Catholic private school in a former building of the Jesuit Order, in Pullach, in the south of Munich. Position for several years as head boy.
Graduation, Lion-Feuchtwanger-School, in the north of Munich.

Civil Service as educator for children, Max-Planck Institute, Munich.
Studies in Political Science (Diploma), Modern and Jewish History, HfP, LMU University of Munich

First attempts in photography in London, 1979, Sicily, 1980 and Paris. Encounter with the Armenian philosopher Garbis Kortian (Montreal) with the Jesuit and academic Walter Croce (Innsbruck).

Ariane Mnouchkine's Film Epos Molière and the Encounter with the Theater during a festival. Patrice Chéreau, Dario Fo.

Influenced also by the Dance Theater of Pina Bausch, the open minded ideas of Joseph Beuys: Art, dance and literature as forms of engagement, concerning the definition of Jean-Paul-Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Encounter with the dancer and author Judith Kuckart in Berlin. 
Growing up in the post war era means growing up with the shadows of the past and the violent avoidance of the reflection about the horrible big number of German crimes. 

And this was not an abstract reflection, because of the belated knowledge of many family members were engaged actively for the antisemite nazi ideology during the Nazi-Era

As result of this self-reflection and the research in history support for the great documentary of Claude Lanzmann, SHOAH, 1986-1988.

Encounter with the photographer Stefan Moses

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